Nikos Petrakis

Nikos Petrakis, Interior Designer

Nikos Petrakis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Middlesex University, followed by further training in the fields of Architectural (3D) Rendering, Photorealistic Visualisation, Handsketching and Window Display Decoration.

Passionate about quality interior design, Nikos loves to experiment with new materials and lighting design applications, while always seeks for innovative, sustainable design solutions. He is, undoubtedly, the person to trust with the supervision of your construction project and the management of specialised technical teams.

Nikos lives in Piraeus and in his spare time loves to practice windsurf and water polo. During winter months, you might also find him skiing either in Greece or abroad. He is fond of rock music and european gastronomy.

Theodora Michail, Interior Designer

Theodora Michail holds a Diploma in Interior Design from Middlesex University, while during her professional career has gained broad knowledge in product and industrial design techniques, always following and exploring new trends.

Having an excellent commercial approach to solving problems, along with a proven ability to generate fresh solutions for the renovation of internal spaces, Theodora has also passion for garden and landscape design. Her great taste when it comes to decorative objects and works of art gives your space unique aesthetics.

Theodora lives in Athens with her husband and daughter, while during her free time she loves to study foreign languages and travel, seeking new experiences and influences. She is also a huge fan of theater and fine arts.

Theodora Michail

Alexandros Petrakis

Alexandros Petrakis, Marketing and Communications

Alexandros Petrakis holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from London Metropolitan University, followed by a further two years of supervised professional training in Business Marketing and Sales Management.

Always careful and consistent with his professional commitments, Alexandros sets the bar very high when it comes to customer satisfaction. Being a marketing expert himself, he focuses on identifying and meeting the actual needs of your company, while suggesting solutions to ensure sustainable development both in terms of financial returns and quality service.

He usually spends his free time swimming, practicing water polo and cycling, while he also loves cinema and devoting time to friends.

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